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Below you will find a variety of services that Credit Repair Excellence offers you’ll be able to chose from Inquiry removal, financial consulting, credit education services, credit building strategies, 50% off tradelines and Credit repair whether you’re at a 360 credit score and need complete credit repair or you’re at a 750 credit score and your just looking for a tradeline to boost your score over a 781 to get the best interest rate for your next purchase we have a service for you.

Inquiry Removal

When you do inquiry removal you want to remove the inquires that aren’t attached to open credit card accounts you don’t want to remove inquiries that are attached to open accounts because you risk the chance that the card could be shut down. Let us show you what we can do to help you remove inquiries that are holing you down from being approved for the loan or credit cards you’re trying to obtain.

Financial Consulting

When you acquire us for you financial consulting needs, we will provide you with plenty of options for your financial needs starting with the breakdown of different aspects of a client’s financial life, including assets, expenses and income, and help them create a financial plan to reach different types of goals.

Credit Education Services

With Our Credit education services you will have 3 course options to choose from beginner, advanced and Expert courses they are educational videos and some lite reading sections to teach you everything from how credit works to how to get up to 4 credit cards with 1 inquiry / hard pull on your report all the way through how to do your own credit repair or even help a friend or family member and make money while doing it.

Credit Building Strategies

With credit building strategies service we will provide you with tips, trick and techniques on how to build your credit fast and how not to make mistakes along the way you will also receive our secret lenders list along with our tradeline cheat sheet to help you along the way your credit building journey.

50% off Tradelines

After we do your free consultation, we will go over tradeline options for you and your specific needs tradelines are a great way to temporarily add age and higher credit limits to you credit repot helping push down utilization so you can go buy your dream house or your dream car or even get the credit cards you want.

Credit Repair

When you want just credit repair without the education you will have 3 packages to chose from you can do your own credit repair where you get all the document you need along with a complete walk through on how to do it yourself to save money, or you can have us do your credit repair for you, or you can have our vendor do you credit repair who has electronic software to get it done even faster the choice is completely up to you!

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Our Training Courses

Below you will find that we offer 4 courses we offer a Basic course, a standard course, a premium course and the Excellence course these course are designed to give you the education along with some form of credit repair from the do it yourself credit repair or Credit Repair Excellence does you credit repair or you can have our vendor do your credit repair electronically the choice is yours!

Courses We Offer:

Price: $297 ($74.25 a month)
Duration: 4 months
Price: $597 ($149.25 a month)
Duration: 4 months
Price: $1297 ($324.25 a month)
Duration: 4 months
Price: $2297 ($574.25 a month)
Duration: 4 months

Common Questions From Our Clients

Everyone’s credit is like a fingerprint very unique so some clients could see results in as little as 45 days while others may take up to 120 days and beyond but rest assured, we will keep you informed every step of the way.
A tradeline is a line of credit that will post on your credit report essentially your being added as an authorized user on a credit card without receiving a physical card.
No, we do not but we do guarantee positive movement in your score, how much we cannot guarantee because every credit profile is different when a negative comes off your report you might gain 35 points as to where another client might only get 5 points there are to many variables when calculating scores.
We will send out update emails as we go through the process along with a few phone calls but as we wrap up your credit repair you will be notified when it’s done.
No, you will not have to pay more or update a membership if credit repair excellence or our vendor is handling your credit repair, In rare occasions some do go longer than 120 days but not often.
Well we don’t like to talk bad about other companies but most credit repair companies have you sign a contract something along the lines of $175 a moth for the duration of 18-24 months for example that’s $3,150 – $4,200 and that’s on the low end for some. These companies have no incentive to fix your credit fast or even at all for that matter we have had numerus clients that came to us after using companies like these with no results and we were able to take care of most of them within 90 days.
No, we cannot guarantee all of them get removed there are different variables to each collection like how much is the collection? how long has it been on your report? Is it a satisfied collection? Have you set up payments already for the collection? All these and more can play a vital roll in if we can get them removed but that’s why we recommend every client have a consultation so we can go over the credit report together to come up with the best strategy and give our clients the best outcome and understanding of how everything works.
Not in most cases but there might be a time where we can’t get a collection removed because of the amount owed. In some cases, we might have to deal with a collection agency together to get a pay for deletion its usually $0.10 for every dollar owed so if a collection is fighting us and its $6,500 we would offer something like $500 – $650 to delete the collection and we don’t see that money that goes straight to the collector. As for inquiries removal its very rare to pay anything extra for those.
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