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How we started

About 4 years ago I had just gotten married for the second time to the true love of my life, and all I ever wanted was someone that supported me in everything I did, respected and loved me unconditionally for who I was, and I found just that!! But in my first marriage my wife didn’t respect me or support me in anything I did, her credit was horrible and it’s like we were always against each other. And as we all know most problems in a marriage start with financial / credit problems which lead to arguments. How many of you have experienced this or are having these problems right now? In short credit plays a huge roll in your financial life, Credit and Finance go hand in hand. Without good credit your quality of life will be less than that of someone with good credit and having poor credit can lead to arguments and even divorce… And that was when I swore to help as many people as I could Educating them on how to Rebuild, Repair and Restore their credit.


How Credit Repair Excellence Works

Call or Email us to schedule a consultation so we can go over our various products, packages and courses to see what will be the best fit for you in your current situation. Then the fun starts, whether you chose to do your own credit repair with our Basic Package using our documents and us guiding you along the way. Or you want the Excellence Package that comes with credit building strategies, financial consulting, inquiry removal and all our credit education videos and then 50% off tradelines after the credit repair is complete. In most cases your credit repair will be complete in as little as 90 days some are faster, but some do take a little longer depending on our customers needs and credit profile. So, call us today to set up your consultation so we can get you on the road to Credit Excellence!!

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Rob Carpenter

Owner & Founder

Let Us Help You Get On The Road To Credit Excellence!