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Who We Are

We're not just credit repair!

Credit Repair is in our name but that’s not all we do, we are here to help you achieve your credit and financial goals We also understand that credit can be overwhelming and confusing so we are here to help answer any question you might have.
What we do

Our Services

Here are some of the credit repair solutions we offer to our customers –
Inquiry Removal

We have a 1 on 1 consultation and then we pull your 3 bureau report to see where your credit is at, then we go over what inquires you want to remove and what ones you can remove sometimes inquiries can come off in the first week.

Financial Consulting

After your free consultation we will go over your financial situation and develop the best financial objective, we provide advice to our clients on taxes, retirement planning, investments, and insurance decisions to help our clients achieve their financial objectives.

Credit Building Strategies

After your free consultation we will go over your specific credit situation and your credit goals, then we can give you plenty of options for credit building that suite your needs and on your schedule.

Credit Education Services

You have the option to chose one of our 4 credit education courses with all the documents and videos you need to help you understand how credit works, learn how to repair your own credit, how to maintain your credit over time and you can chose a course to receive all the letters and documents you need to do your own credit repair with video walk throughs, or you can have us repair your credit for you the choice is yours and we have a plan for every situation.

50% Off Tradelines

If you have a big purchase like your first home or your dream car or even just a safe car to put your family in, or if your just looking to obtain more credit cars with higher limits then you need to consider purchasing some tradeline to have put on your credit repot so you can get a temporary boost in your score so you don’t get denied when applying for credit and get the best possible interest rates available.

Credit Repair

We have 3 different credit repair options if you don’t have the money for our credit repair courses but we strongly urge all clients to get a course with their credit repair so they also get all the education along with their credit repair, having the knowledge of how credit work is vital so after you get your credit repaired you know and understand how to maintain it and build it that way you don’t go backwards.

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